Periodic Health Assessment

Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) is a new requirement mandating Soldiers to receive a yearly physical assessment.  This requirement will replace the physical exam requirement of every 5 years over the age 30.  The PHA will still be a two part process completed at the Physical Exam Section (PES) of the Reception Medical Clinic.

Before scheduling an appointment at PES go to AKO and fill out the PHA online self assessment. If computer access isn't available please let PES know at the appointment.  

Location:  PES, Reception Medical Clinic, Washington Rd, Bldg 1890

When: Monday - Friday 1230-1530

How:  Fill out the PHA self assessment on AKO under my medical readiness, once completed call PES at 803-751-7669 to schedule appointment.

Required items:  Medical Records or minimum deployable record (DD 2766) both located in the MACH medical records room, Profile (both temporary and permanent), Medications and eye glasses w/prescription if current.