The Main Outpatient Pharmacy is located on the Ground Floor of the Hospital. Our pharmacy has 7 dispensing windows. Our Pharmacy is one of the busiest in MEDCOM, filling over 60,000 prescriptions per month.

We offer a prescription drop-off service. All patients utilizing this service must pull a "C" ticket from the machine located at the concierge desk. All prescriptions dropped off before 1130 hours will be ready after 0930 hours the next business day. This service is for new prescriptions only.

For your convenience and to avoid possible long waiting times, please present your prescription(s) outside of 1000 and 1400 hours. These are the hours when our prescription volumes are at their highest peak.

For the convenience of beneficiaries, the pharmacy has three locations:   the Hospital ground floor, McWethy TMC, and the Post Exchange.  The TMC is for active duty only, the PX site is for call-in refills only, and the hospital outpatient pharmacy is full-service for all beneficiaries.

The pharmacy has an automated call-in refill prescription service for its users.  Prescriptions may be called in 24 hours a day ((803) 751-2250) with expedited pick-up the next duty day at the PX Pharmacy for those prescriptions called in prior to 1400 (2pm).

New prescriptions from other military medical treatment facilities, as well as civilian requests for medication will be filled when possible based on drug availability.  Refills from other military medical treatment facilities may be filled one time when possible based on drug availability as well.

Location and hours of operation:

Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy - Ground floor of Moncrief Army Community Hospital 
                Monday through Friday - 0730 to 1700
                Saturday, 0730-1200
                Sunday and Holidays: Closed

PX Refill Pharmacy - At the left entrance to the PX mall
                Monday through Friday - 0900 to 1800  
                Saturday, 0900-1200

TMC Pharmacy - McWethy Troop Medical Clinic
                 Monday through Friday - 0630 to 1530
                 Saturday - Closed

Telephone numbers: DSN (734)

Outpatient Pharmacy

 (803) 751-2385

Refill Pharmacy

 (803) 751-2250
Toll Free: 1-866-489-0950

McWethy TMC Pharmacy

 (803) 751-7358


 (803) 751-2048

Pharmacy Administration

 (803) 751-2259