Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS)

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Fort Jackson EDIS program is a federally mandated program which provides comprehensive services to eligible infants and toddlers (birth to age 3) with established developmental delays or with a condition which has a high probability of resulting in developmental delay. The services provided, at no cost to the parent, include screenings and evaluations for diagnostic and treatment purposes, service coordination, family training and home visits, special education instruction, speech pathology and audiology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychological services, transportation, nutrition services, medical services for diagnostic purposes, vision services, and assistive technology devices and services.

Service Providers

Service providers include a speech pathologist and early childhood special educator. If it is necessary to refer out to a service provider in the community, this is done at no cost to the parent.

Eligibility Requirements

Any child of an active duty sponsor residing on-post within the age range of birth to three is eligible for services if demonstrating a developmental delay or a medical condition which has a high probability of resulting in developmental delay.


The Fort Jackson EDIS program is located in Building 4555 (adjacent to the hospital), Rooms 201 and 203.


Hours of operation are from 0730 to 1630, Monday through Friday.

Point of Contact

Referrals may be made at (803) 751-4165.

Transition Services

Once a child turns three, special education services can continue to be provided through the Fort Jackson Schools. The phone number for the Fort Jackson Schools is (803) 782-1772.