Obstetrics Care

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Moncrief Army Community Hospital does not offer Obstetrical care.  All TRICARE Prime beneficiaries are referred to our civilian network for their OB care.

Once a pregnancy is confirmed by the patient’s Primary Care Manager (PCM), OB patients are required to attend a TRICARE Maternity Brief provided by the Managed Care Division.  This brief is held every Wednesday at 9AM on the 8th Floor of the hospital in Room 8 -18.  This briefing will provide important information about costs, the referral/authorization process, what’s covered, what’s not covered and how to select your provider.

Additionally, the Soldier and Family Readiness Group will provide information about services they provide for the OB patient.   A dietician from our Nutrition Care Division will provide information about proper nutrition while pregnant and answer necessary questions.

POC for additional information is the Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinators at (803) 751-2425/2778.

Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday 0730 to 1600